Incline Friends Annual Membership Meeting


17 February 2016

In attendance: Ryan Johnson, Tim Bergsten, Sarah Elsey, Janice Black & guest, David Adair, Jason Koop, Sarah Bryarly, approx. 10 members and guests, including Spencer Wren from the Manitou and Pikes Peak Railway.
Meeting started approximately 1745
Ryan gave brief introduction of the board, background on Incline Friends, our mission and past activities and events, including 2013 legalization of Incline, 2014 repairs, Barr connection trail.
Overview of goals for 2016: Northern connector trail, continuing Incline sustainability/repair projects, improved trailhead.
Incline Friends membership: $35/year, includes priority invitation to events/volunteer days, IF shorts/shirt, Manitou merchant discount card


Existing committees:
- Volunteering (Jason Koop), oversees trail work days, trail development
- Outreach (Emily Cheeseman), oversees outreach weekends, Ambassador     program and connections with other entities (TOSC, CSPR, etc.)
- Communication/Social Media (Bill Beagle & Ryan Johnson), connecting with     members and public, press releases, email blasts, social media contact
- Website Management (Melissa Rood), develops and runs website, uploading     of web content, public content through website
- Fundraising (David Adair), plan and develop fundraising opportunities,

    grant-seeking, fundraising events
- Membership Management (Janice Black), oversee membership lists/renewal,     new member connections, membership retention, merchant cards, tshirts


Other board “jobs”:
- Secretary: Jeff Gallup
- Treasurer: Janice Black
- Members-at-large: Tim Bergsten, Jeff Mohrmann, Sarah Elsey
- Colorado Springs Parks liaison: Sarah Bryarly

    Northern Trail and proposed Broadmoor land exchange discussion; open discussion regarding the proposed northern connection trail, which would help decrease congestion on Barr trail and stem erosion/trail-cutting issues. Broadmoor land exchange would make the process easier and more streamlined, as CSPR would have management over large portion of the Incline. NEPA process would still be necessary, but to a much lesser extent, due to top of Incline still being on USFS land. Incline Friends has pledged $40,000 towards the trail development process.

       Incline Friends are in favor of the proposed land exchange between Colorado Springs and the Broadmoor. We recognize the concerns over the Strawberry Fields area, but feel that those concerns can be managed by properly stipulating terms of use of the property by the Broadmoor in the deal. Again, the mission of the Incline Friends is sustainability of the Incline, which would be aided by management of the Incline/Barr trail by Colorado Springs. We very much support the public process to hear the concerns regarding the use of all of the areas involved in the exchange, and will continue to participate and speak on behalf of the Incline Friends and our mission.
    The next public meeting with regards to the land exchange will be next Wednesday, 24 February, 6-8pm at Gold Camp Elementary; several Incline Friends board members will be in attendance.

    New northern trail/parking arrangement has been proposed in Manitou via the Walton property; meeting at Manitou Springs City Council on Thursday, 18 Feb, 630pm. Incline Friends will try to send a representative and get more information on this development; David to attempt to attend as well as Ryan. Sarah is going to speak to Wade Burkholder at Manitou w.r.t. this.

    Upcoming partnership with Boulder Running Company; kickoff event to be held in April at Jack Quinn’s, more details and firm date to be announced. As part of the event, a t-shirt design contest for a new Incline Friends t-shirt has been proposed, more details to come on this as well.

    Outreach days to start soon, perhaps monthly weekend on the Incline with Incline Friends board members or general members. Desire to engage membership and get them involved with these and other arenas of Incline Friends business. Possibly ambassadors program with “Incline regulars” such as those in attendance: Clovis Johnson, Steve Shermer, Roger Austin, et. al.

    Upcoming events for Incline Friends:
        - CorePower Yoga night February 28th at the N. Nevada location at 530pm
        - Speedboarding event, Ryan, Sarah E. and Emily will attend to meet potential new board members

    Time give to the members/guests in attendance to speak.
    Spencer Wren introduced himself and his relationship to the Incline; was an engineer on the Incline in the 70’s and 80’s before getting involved with the COG! Close relationship with the Incline Friends and has been an invaluable partner. Pointed out the importance of city/Incline Friends management of the Incline, w.r.t. Broadmoor land exchange.

    -A question was posed with regard to the hours of operation of the Incline, and the frustrations of limiting the hours. Per Sarah B. and the city, currently the hours of operation will be 6a-8p April-October, and 6a-6p November-April. There are several contributing factors as to the reasons, such as alignment with other City open spaces/trails, respect for the residents along Ruxton Ave. due to noise/car complaints, safety for hikers and first responders in the dark, etc.

    -A question posed with the feasibility of bike parking at the base of the Incline, and in Manitou in general. This is definitely part of the long-term plans for the permanent trailhead, which is one main goal of Incline Friends for this year. More work with be done with Manitou and MS city council with regards to this.

    -A member asked about potential closure of the Incline for repairs this year and what it would entail. Per Sarah, no established dates yet, due to still needing to firm up FEMA grant money and the request for proposal process, but hoping for this year. Closure would include from bottom of the Incline up to the repaired portions. *Possible* that the upper portion of the Incline would remain open, but could be closed without notice, due to helicopter activity as part of the repair process.

    -Jason announced that the workday schedule should be coming available in March, so to be on the lookout for Incline Friends volunteer opportunities once this calendar is released. Trail work days are a great way to give back to the Incline; historically have been a lot of fun, very productive, great food catered afterwards.
Meeting then opened up for members and guests to come up and chat with board members, etc., adjourned at approximately 7pm.

**Note, next board meeting will be *Thursday* March 3rd, at CS Parks and Rec, 530-7pm